OnesModa.com is the online store of Ondas Moda stores. The history of Ones Moda dates back to 1987 when the first shop was opened, at that time, it was a gifts shop, called Presents Gregal, on the seafront of Can Picafort (Mallorca). Subsequently, fashion items were introduced, and in 2009, with the new generation of the family, we decided to dedicate it exclusively to fashion, and then Ones Moda brand was created. The name Ones is because Ca'n Picafort has a sea that when the storms arrive, the sea usually has many waves (Ones in catalan language).

During later years Ones Moda has grown with stores in different locations in Mallorca up to have 10 stores (https://onesmoda.com/gb/stores).

Customers have been requesting us for the web for a long time, and we knew we had to start up. In October of 2019 we opened the OnesModa.com website with the same illusion as when we created the first store.

With OnesModa.com we want to continue our relationship with our customers throughout the year, since many of them are summer season. We are also sure that many people who do not know us will enjoy a quality shopping experience accompanied by a very good customer service with all the first fashion brands we have, and for which we will even have more variety of items.

And even, we can present collaborations with new suppliers and fashion designers, which in physical stores is not always possible.

In addition, OnesModa.com will have discounts throughout the year, and any discount or coupon obtained from one of the stores can be consumed at OnesModa.com and vice versa.

Our col • collections will be very present in social networks, especially on Instagram, Facebook and 21buttons, with collations with models that will help us present our products in the best way, as we have been doing for a long time with the organization of the Ones Moda fashion shows in Ca'n Picafort.

We want you to feel very comfortable, and therefore, of course, we are also very interested in knowing your suggestions for improvement in order to be able to give a more satisfying experience. Send your suggestions to support@onesmoda.com.